Monday, June 1, 2009

Higgs boson

The time when we see the answer on question does Higgs boson exist is close. I think that independently on answer physics will face new questions to answer.

If we will not find the Higgs boson then we need to reconsider model which predicted them.

More question will arise if we do find Higgs boson. The problem here is that Higgs boson is responsible for mass. Or to be more particular, Higgs boson is responsible for inertial mass. However we know two masses. We know inertial mass and we know gravitational mass. And these masses are equal. We yet not know the mechanism of this equality. Discovery of Higgs boson will refresh this question. If different interactions create inertial and gravitational masses, then third interaction should exist. And the third interaction is responsible for equality of masses. However if some interaction determines equality of inertial and gravitational masses, there is posibility when this equality will be broken.
How it may happens nobody knows. I can assume one of possibilities. Few years ago I explored tidal forces. I came to conclusion that these forces as fundamental as gravitational. I cannot tell which forces are primary. Do they interact one with another. Or one force is the reason of another. Feature research will show the answer on this question.

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