Friday, July 8, 2011

Linear mapping of quaternion algebra

Linear automorphism of quaternion algebra is a liner over real field mapping $$f:H\rightarrow H$$ such that $$f(ab)=f(a)f(b)$$ Evidently, linear mapping $$E(x)=x$$ is linear automorphism. In quaternion algebra there are nontrivial linear automorphisms. For instance
E1(x)=x0 +x2i +x3j +x1k
E3(x)=x0 +x2i +x1j -x3k
x=x0 +x1i +x2j +x3k

Similarly, the mapping

I(x)=x0 -x1i -x2j -x3k
is antilinear automorphism because $$I(ab)=I(b)I(a)$$

In the paper eprint arXiv:1107.1139, Linear Mappings of Quaternion Algebra, I proved following statement. For any linear over real field function $f$ there is unique expansion $$ f(x)=a_0E(x)+a_1E_1(x)+a_2E_2(x)+a_3I(x) $$

Friday, January 21, 2011

Representation of Universal Algebra

I published my new book: Representation Theory: Representation of Universal Algebra. In this book I consider morphism of representation, consept of generating set and basis of representation. This allows me to consider basis manifold of representation, active and passive transformations, concept of geometrical object in representation of universal algebra. Similar way I consider tower of representations.