Friday, July 8, 2011

Linear mapping of quaternion algebra

Linear automorphism of quaternion algebra is a liner over real field mapping $$f:H\rightarrow H$$ such that $$f(ab)=f(a)f(b)$$ Evidently, linear mapping $$E(x)=x$$ is linear automorphism. In quaternion algebra there are nontrivial linear automorphisms. For instance
E1(x)=x0 +x2i +x3j +x1k
E3(x)=x0 +x2i +x1j -x3k
x=x0 +x1i +x2j +x3k

Similarly, the mapping

I(x)=x0 -x1i -x2j -x3k
is antilinear automorphism because $$I(ab)=I(b)I(a)$$

In the paper eprint arXiv:1107.1139, Linear Mappings of Quaternion Algebra, I proved following statement. For any linear over real field function $f$ there is unique expansion $$ f(x)=a_0E(x)+a_1E_1(x)+a_2E_2(x)+a_3I(x) $$

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